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Foxes Class- Reception

Welcome Foxes and visitors!

Summer Term

This term we have been learning about bugs and have visited the Butterfly and Wildlife centre, where we got to handle some giant bugs! We are learning about doubling, halving and sharing in maths as well as problem solving. We will be reading Julia Donaldson's 'Room on the Broom' and writing our own stories as well as acting and making our own dances and music to go with this story. In PE we are learning about athletics. We are continuing to be good friends and work well as a team and to help each other.  We are also having weekly mornings in our 'woodland', where we are learning to climb trees and make dens! At the end of the summer term our little Foxes will be spending some time with Mrs Martin in preparation for their time in Owl Class next year!


This term we will be completing phase 3 and phase 4 phonics, ready for the summer term where we will recap on all the phonics you children have learnt and perhaps learn some phase 5 giving them a head start into year 1! There is a big focus on the children being able to read and write tricky words such as the, to, he, she, we, me , be, no, go. We are also learning to read harder tricky words such as said, come, some, was, all, they, have, so, do when, what, little, one and out. We will be using these and our phonics to begin to read and write sentences. We will be focusing on numbers 10-20, learning what they look like, how to count higher numbers of objects and using more mathematical language. We will also be learning how to add and takeaway. 


We will be doing this by trying to follow the children's interests. We have already looked at polar animals and will be learning about African animals and then pirates as the children love these two topics! 


Mrs Wyer has come back from her trip to India and the children got involved in making their own curry and enjoyed learning about her adventure. Especially looking at the similarities and differences between home and India. 


There will be lots more to come in our spring term. Look out for our Easter Parent crafternoon session!


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Autumn 2.


It is that time of year again when our little foxes will be learning their Christmas Nativity songs and I am sure you will know them as well as we do by the time performance day arrives! This year we are performing 'Manger Mouse' and the Foxes are mice or angels. We would like you to provide your child with a mouse costume. Either a made mouse costume, a bought one or your child's grey school uniform with a tail and mask will be perfect. Angel costumes will be provided unless you would like to provide your own. 


This term we will also be learning about 'The Gingerbread Man' and how to keep ourselves (especially our teeth) healthy. We may even be having a special little visit from the Tooth Fairy! 



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In phonics we have moved onto phase 3 and will be learning to read and write words with the following sounds in:





In maths we are continuing to learn our numbers to 10 and 20 and count them accurately. We will also be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and taking about size, length an weight of objects. 

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