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Covid Risk Assessment April 2022

February 2022 Covid-19 Spring Term 2 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Updated Risk Assessment - December 2021

DDAT Outbreak Management Plan

Full Reopening Risk Assessment - September 2021

Reopening to all children Risk Assessment 08.03.21

Reopening to all children 8th March 2021 letter from Mrs Tew and Mrs Dean

Dear parents and carers, 


Following the announcement tonight by the Prime Minister, as from tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January), school will be closed to the majority of pupils.   


We will continue to provide child care for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils ONLY  as defined here: 


Thank you to parents who have completed the link sent out earlier regarding the key worker availability.  Please be reminded that in order to qualify for a school place, both parents (if parents live together) need to qualify as key workers.  If there is an adult who is working at home, then your child(ren) are expected to be learning at home. Single parents who are key workers will qualify for a school place. Using the details provided on the key worker questionnaire, we will be contacting employers to verify and confirm dates/times of work.  


For tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January 2021) please come to school if both parents are key workers and you both have a shift.  Please arrive at your usual times (this includes if you have booked a breakfast/after school place).  If your child is vulnerable please keep them at home tomorrow if you are able to and we will be in touch tomorrow.

Staff will meet tomorrow to formulate a timetable and plan from Wednesday onwards which we will communicate with you.  


Should a pupil or member of staff test positive for COVID then we will instruct the affected bubble / group to isolate in the same way as we planned to when school was open to all.  This obviously means that your child might be required to stay at home even though you are a key worker.  This is why we need to keep the number of pupils in school to a minimum so that more key workers are able to provide our vital services.  


Teachers will be teaching remotely using Google Classroom.  We are set up for this as you know.  We also have the book project which we will use for literacy lessons. Your child's class teacher will be in touch and will organise lessons using Google Meet / Classroom.  


Children in school will be supervised by teaching assistants.  They will also be following the online learning organised by teachers.  


As you will appreciate, staff will need to meet tomorrow to plan and timetable the days and weeks ahead.  Your child’s class teacher will be in touch via Google Classroom and there will be office staff available for you to contact during the school day for support and queries.  

If you can't get through, please email and someone will get back to you.


As always, we thank you for your continued support and understanding.  


Best wishes,  


Mrs Tew and Mrs Dean


Remote Learning Provision - January 2021

We aim to ensure that our children continue to access high quality education whilst at home. If you are concerned about the quality and/or quantity of learning activities on your child's Tapestry or Google Classroom account, please raise this with the class teacher or Mrs Dean ( If you feel the situation has not been resolved you can contact Mrs Tew (

If you feel the quality of online learning has still not improved you can make a complaint at

Reopening to all children Sept 2020 Risk Assessment

Please find below the key documents and policies we will be following, alongside government guidance, accessible via the following link -

COVID-19 Phased re-opening of school risk assessment