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Loscoe C of E Primary School and Nursery

We may be small, but together we can make a big difference.


Some children may need a little extra support at some time. This may because they need to develop their confidence, are struggling to make friends or are struggling with their learning. Children can also access this small, supportive group if they are experiencing difficulties at home and need time to talk. 


In our 'Bears' group, children work in a small group with activities planned around different themes to provide a stimulating and fun environment for the children.  Each afternoon follows a similar pattern and they are divided into six parts.

Circle Time

This is a calming time, which includes a structured circle time, focusing on a key theme.

Work and Make

This is a focused craft activity. The focus is on developing skills to approach a task successfully and to work alongside others.

This task aims to develop the skills and attitudes of the children so that they are able to access classroom content more successfully.

First Play

During this session children work independently without interruption from peers.

Second Play

Second play is about collaboration and successful interaction between peer groups.

It gives the child an opportunity to develop social skills and build relationships through play based activities.

Snack Time

The whole session finishes with snack time and during this time everybody sits down together to enjoy a snack while adults reinforce manners and social skills.