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Reading in School

Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.’  Malala Yousafzei

In reading our intent is to:
  • Promote reading for pleasure and foster a love of reading throughout the whole school.
  • Develop all reading skills throughout the year but have a school focus for each half term.
  • Teach reading through high quality text linked to cornerstones. 
  • Use the ‘Accelerated Reader’ Programme to monitor and assess children’s reading in Y2-6
  • Teach high quality phonics through the RWI programme.
  • Use strategies such as ‘pinny time’ to cement the knowledge of phonics. 
  • Track phonemes known for each child in Reception and Year 1. 
  • Assess phonetical knowledge each half term and adjust teaching accordingly. 
  • Swiftly deploy reading interventions (Fast Track and Fresh Start) to those children below expected in reading.
  • In KS1 have additional, short whole class phonics sessions to make sure each child has opportunity to learn at age expectations.
  • In KS1, have additional sessions to promote quality text.
  • Teach text relating to the cornerstones curriculum
  • Encourage sharing a book with a parent
  • An adult will read aloud to the children daily.

Loscoe's Reading Provision