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Educational Sites

These are some amazing educational websites for kids - full of games, video, content and activities to keep you entertained while growing your minds.


natgeoforkids.comNational Geo for Kids is full of information about the world around us, from China, to dinosaurs, to space missions, and everything in between! It’s like an online magazine for kids, full of articles, competitions and educational videos. One of the best things about Nat Geo for Kids is that they regularly update it with new information, which is great. For kids that love to read and learn about the world around them, this site will keep them busy for months! We did notice some sponsored content on the website, although it was very kid-friendly advertising.





NASA Kids' Club is the go-to website for all those space-enthusiasts out there. If you are into spaceships, Mars rovers and comets this is the website to check out.


If the Kids Club doesn't completely satisfy your stargazing needs, you can click through to all the great NASA website resources, like images of the day, Nasa TV, and all the present and past NASA missions.






Young Ocean Explorers is an amazing website made by a father and daughter team from New Zealand. If you are into the deep blue sea, rather than the skies above, this is your new go-to website.


Steve and Riley bring the ocean direct to your computer with high-quality, fact-filled videos. With a strong emphasis on environmental education, this Father-Daughter duo go all out to capture some great video content. With articles like What eats turtlesDo dolphins drink water? and Can a girl fish become a boy fish? this website answers everything you ever wanted to know about the ocean. 





Howstuffworks is perfect for kids working on school projects, or looking for things to do during the holidays. The website does what it says on the tin - it shows you how stuff works. And by ‘stuff’, we mean literally anything you can think of and some things you couldn’t even think of! This website is so full of interesting facts, once you start clicking, you may find a few hours have easily slipped by. You’ve been warned!






While every attempt has been made to ensure the suggested websites are child-friendly and safe, please tell a member of staff if you have any e-safety concerns regarding these suggestions.