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Loscoe C of E Primary School and Nursery

We may be small, but together we can make a big difference.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Loscoe Primary School and Nursery, we provide a stimulating learning environment which encourages our pupils to be independent, active learners and to learn through play and exploration. Continuous provision allows the children to take control of their learning and be independent by accessing their own resources and making their own decisions, with the encouragement and enhancement of experienced adults in the classroom. At Loscoe we believe your child’s emotional needs are paramount to happiness and achievement and as such aim to create a caring, secure, natural environment where your child can thrive.  Although we follow the statutory Foundation Stage Profile and assessments, we do not have set curriculum themes but follow the children’s interests instead, whilst still making sure all key areas of learning are covered. The EYFS adults are continually aiming to improve our practice and environment and great care goes into making sure each and every child is cared for and seen as an individual.


Children have continual access to an outdoor learning environment and have regular Forest School sessions.


Our EYFS practitioners use an online learning journal to document the child’s learning and plan next steps. Parents have access to these journals and can add to their child’s journal and share experiences at home. We have an open door policy where parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress at any time. Parents are formally invited to discuss their child's progress at least twice a year at a parent information evening. Parents are also invited to attend regular meetings on supporting their child in school and ‘join in’ afternoons. At the end of the EYFS year, each child will receive a report on their progress over the year in the areas listed below. They will also be given a attainment level (emerging, expected or exceeded) for each area. The "expected" level is what an EYFS child is expected to be working at. A child that is "emerging" has not yet reached the expected level and a child that is "exceeding" is working above the expected level.



EYFS areas of learning and their associated Early Learning Goals.


Characteristics of effective learning:


Playing and exploring – engagement Active learning – motivation Creating and thinking critically – thinking
  • Finding out and exploring
  • Playing with what they know
  • Being willing to ‘have a go’
  • Being involved and concentrating
  • Keeping trying
  • Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
  • Having their own ideas
  • Making links
  • Choosing ways to do things


Prime Areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Making relationships
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical Development

  • Moving and handling
  • Health and self-care

Communication and Language

  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking


Specific Areas:


  • Reading
  • Writing


  • Numbers
  • Shape, space and measure

Understanding of the world

  • People and communities
  • The world
  • Technology

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Exploring and using media and materials
  • Being imaginative