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Loscoe C of E Primary School and Nursery

We may be small, but together we can make a big difference.


At Loscoe, we have designed our curriculum around our children and our community. The Science curriculum has been split into knowledge and skills. This has enabled us to have three terms with a science knowledge focus, whilst continuing to embed our science skills throughout the rest of the year, through different subject areas.


We aim to help our children foster a love of the sciences through hands on activities, developing curiosity about the world and discovering knowledge for themselves. These activities create our science learning that is built around three areas of knowledge, which are plants and animals, the world around us and materials.

Science action plan 2020-2021

As a school, we want our children to leave us with the skills they need to dream big and rise to any challenge. The skills that we have chosen to mould our science curriculum around are questioning, predicting, observing, collecting, concluding and presenting.


Below you will find the medium term plans for science, which shows how the knowledge and skills develop over a two year cycle. Our teaching and learning is based on spiral learning which means we will continue to recap taught learning, through other subjects and topics. This will enable our children to master the knowledge and skills they need to become great scientists.